A New Year or New Pressures ?

After all hangover over food, drinks, friends and family – Are you finally sitting up by yourself thinking of the long list of resolutions you have made and wondering where and what to start with? No pressure! 🙂

We all know how ‘resolutions’ work. We still make resolutions each year and vouch to follow every single one of it.

If you think you are unable to follow your plans – Here’s a few quick ways to understand and jump right into making your resolutions work :

Question your resolutions – always!

question your resolutions

You might have made a number of plans yet, aren’t able to get even one of it to follow?

Ask yourself why you aren’t able to follow your plans, either it could be because you have not ‘overblown’ that you are unable to work on it or ‘understated’ your plan that the thought doesn’t motivate you much to follow.

Questioning helps you understand where you stand and strengthens your resolute to making your plans work.

Don’t set overtly fancy plans

If you make a resolution to buy yourself a pent house, vacation at Paris and a plush car; all in a year’s time – it might sound slightly fancy, unless of course you have been working on it for a few years or have a few kind relatives or friends to help you out on these.

Dreaming is absolutely important and probably will get you to achieve what you want in your lifetime. But, making plans that are doable and with a check on reality once a while, keeping other factors in mind would relatively cause less stress in fulfilling your resolutions.


prioritiesYou may have set a willful goal to reduce 10kgs by the next year and know that it is only possible if you hit the gym and set out on a run every morning… right ?

  • Prioritising your schedule will play a vital role in getting your plans in place
  • Be mindful about what you need to do next and get clarity – give yourself ample time to get adjusted to this schedule until it becomes a routine

Balance out


When you set yourself a goal, understand that it is more for ‘you’ and less to please ‘others’. Do not try to raise a bar as yet – because you like being competitive, this will in turn end up making you more distressed. Consider balancing out with some of the other external factors like – economic slow down, natural calamities or any emergencies that could potentially have an impact on your resolution or goals set.

new year new me

Understand that a ‘A New Yearneedn’t always be aNew Me’, have ample scope for self-improvement and reciprocate to good vibes.. you must already feeling like a better person now !


Go ahead.. beat those resolution blues with a smile !

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