Have you met an Earth Angel?

Do you believe in angels? If you do.. you aren’t alone..

When you are at the lowest point in your career,

When you are facing your deepest fears,

When you see that life isn’t being very kind at every step,

When you are losing your support from your close ones,

…..you look up for some help.. possibly a divine intervention?

Maybe you wish to see a ray of hope..?

Earth Angels - look up

Angels are said to be divine messengers and supposingly appear to humans by disguising  into human and animal forms or even in forms of a light source or figure forms that may lead you to the greater understanding but aren’t always comprehendible. They are said to bring changes, with a possible message or an advice that could act as a ray of hope or a guiding light for transformation.

But, how can you find your Angel on Earth? or feel their presence?

People often laugh it off, when someone speak about a ‘divine’ or ‘holy’ experience – because its more often than not believable, unreal or not practical for such experiences to occur.

While I do not agree with extravagant religious eccentricities, there are more chances of each one of us experiencing  a ‘revelation’ or a sudden change of heart at least once in our lifetime. This sudden change in the most uncommonnest of the situation make you question or wonder how did this happen? or what was the purpose behind this healing?

As a lost soul – we look for hope and ‘Angels’ are beings of light and love offer guidance, protection, healing, and comfort.

Sometimes, the same is felt in the presence of people around us like – a mentor who guides you no matter where you are, a loved one who listens and bears with your rants, a long lost friend who suddenly made you feel like the hyper active teenager that you once were, the girl you met at the party who made you rethink about your values over a discussion, a stranger you spoke at the park, the old man who often smiles back at you, the little girl who cheered you by sharing a piece of chocolate, or even animals – the dog you rescued gives you a strange sense of fulfilment with its snuggles.

happy guy

happy all

Give yourself multiple chances

Instead of cracking your head inadvertently, understand that ‘Angels’ could be in any form – divine or no, it could be your own heart and mind that decided to change (or wants to take a break from your routine) and uses the saintly phenomenon or power of light by letting you have a deeper introspection about you and your actions for the future.

We humans, often when lost tend to reflect on the negatives or tend to tread the downward path – Taking heartbreaks, failures and our own insecurities with a pinch of salt will help us see the positive alternatives or new perspectives of how to go by a dicey present situation. Sometimes all you need is a break, just a different outlook and an attitude for embracing what you are going through. You may not always know how or why? But, If these are happening to you, take a different frame of reference and know your angels are with you .. !

Time for some awakening within? Give this a try..


PS: This blog contains important sections that would provable help anyone in need of direction, zest or self affirmation.

A conscious effort is made to give as much information that has personally influenced, read about from sources and carefully collated to fit a concise blog format. If you need more understanding or information please DM me. 

Share and help bring the Shakti in You..


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